Founder’s Toolbox: OS Edition

June 23, 2020

Our mission at Oceans is to make founders successful, and part of that is to make their jobs easier — to give them rudders to help navigate the turbulent startup waters. One of the ways we do that is by providing an operating system that helps structure everything from organization to communication. The essential resources in the “OS” jump start and guide the building of a strong foundation by providing frameworks, tools, and guidelines for specific elements of the business so that you founders can hit the ground running.

Establishing good routines is especially important for early stage companies as culture is emerging and norms around communication and accountability are just beginning to take root. (Not to mention that bad habits are hard to break). Also, given a startup’s limited resources (both human and capital), ensuring your team is operating as efficiently as possible is key.

Templates, Checklists and Processes, Oh My!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you to, detailing, and then actually giving you those proprietary assets to assess and incorporate on your own.

Expect to see a series of frameworks and tools that we’ve been refining for a while now and have shared with the founders we support.  We know these work because we’ve used them and built them from our past experiences in previous companies. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, so positive that there’s been demand for more worksheets and templates — so we’ll also be sharing additional resources, like our Personal User Guide, the PPPM (Progress, People, Problems, Me) / HPM (Highlights, Problems, Me), and the Decision Making Framework in the days to come. Later on we’ll be sharing key “people” best practices from Glenn, such as our Diverse Talent Hiring Framework.

These valuable tools are definitely worth a read as they cover a range of important but seldom covered  topics from how your team is onboarded to how decisions are made to what is considered a priority (see Josh’s post regarding Goals / Non-goals).

We’re looking forward to sharing and even more eager to hear your feedback. We’ll have editable versions available — just reach out to us here.

Stay tuned.