Our Approach

The power of together

Building a business takes a team aligned around the pursuit of a shared goal. It’s not just about investing money—it’s about investing time and energy collectively. When we join together, we create something greater than the sum of its parts.

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We build trust

We want you to know what we know. We want to have the hard conversations. By earning your trust, we aim to be your first call when you’re feeling vulnerable and need help.

We build teams

Behind every great company is a team of passionate, mission-driven people all working together. We teach founders how to recruit and retain the right talent and help foster a culture built on values that are important to them.

We build foundations

A strong foundation empowers founders to build, shape, and pivot with confidence. We share tools and processes from our own experience to help build solid and lasting foundations, so you can act decisively and stay nimble as you achieve scale. This ensures that your capital is used effectively the first time.


Oceans Team

The inner circle

We started Oceans because founders kept approaching us individually to ask for help − they had capital but wanted guidance from people who had lived the journey.  Steven built Quattro Wireless from the bottom up through to acquisition by Apple and led the pivotal transformation of Foursquare. Josh played an instrumental role in establishing Facebook’s first satellite office in NYC and helped launch several key early products.  Glenn architected world class teams and opened up Sales / Marketing and Engineering offices globally for Facebook and Google. Sara ran engagements, designed and implemented software solutions, and built and led global development teams at software companies such as ClearForest, acquired by Thomson Reuters. And, Brian led corporate development and M&A efforts across the Time Warner ecosystem, including acquiring startups and putting over $3 billion of capital to work.  Drawing on this depth and breadth of experience, we team together to serve as an “inner circle” to founders.

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Focus Areas

Our focus

While every new company is different, Oceans invests in founders and teams that share certain key attributes.


It’s not just the experience of a founder and their team that matters to us—it’s their character. While our founders have strong technical backgrounds and domain expertise, they also embody principles of leadership that align with how we operate: Honesty. Grit. Resilience. Teamwork. Self-awareness. And a willingness to ask for help.


We are headquartered in New York and focused primarily (but not exclusively) on companies based here because our model of support benefits from close proximity. We also look at companies based in Silicon Valley, LA, Boston, and Salt Lake. 

Life Stage

Young businesses are the most exciting to us. We focus on Pre-Seed and Seed Stage companies


We’re drawn to Future of Work, Digital Heath, Climate, Education, FinTech, and Web3 tech companies focused on AI/Big Data/ML, Developer Tools, No Code/Low Code, or SaaS.

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