The Oceans Ethos

Our manifesto

We are a team. We do different, complementary things. Our structure allows us to see potential investments from a wide spectrum of angles that is atypical at an early stage. 

We want to invest in founders with great ideas who care about teams and have the self-awareness to realize that those around them are what makes them whole. We dig into what makes people tick as humans. We meet with their teams (whatever the size) and we filter for how they think about both making a product a success and building company culture. This approach has the added impact of us surfacing potential investments to founders who are immigrants, women, and others from typically underrepresented groups. These founders need to work so much harder to get where they are and know that it’s impossible to do alone.

We believe that many great companies will be fully distributed in the future, but we also believe that people who can get around an office table or a dinner table to hash things out and build on each others’ ideas have a greater chance of succeeding than those isolated from each other — whether they are across the country or in the same room with each other. Through our work in starting and growing Facebook’s office in NY to leading M&A at Time Warner to being president at Foursquare, we have a deep and trusted network of entrepreneurs and business leaders throughout NYC. This gives us a special advantage in both our ability to invest early with the best founders and connect them with others in the NY ecosystem to support their businesses.


How our team works

The earliest stage of a start-up can bring the highest highs and the lowest lows — sometimes in the same day. It is when you need holistic partners the most.

Oceans takes on all those early big moments. We can do this because founders and their teams get all that we have to offer — not just what one partner can bring. 

We also recognize that being effective at supporting young businesses doesn’t mean waiting for a text asking for help at a point where it’s going to be harder to be useful — it means being proactive and keeping close to what’s going on inside the business even when things are seemingly smooth sailing. And it means being able to touch base and listen to a growing team of leaders.

The result of our approach is that teams don’t spin cycles on hard (or silly) things. They move faster. The right hires happen sooner. The wrong hires leave faster. Sales sell quicker. Issues that could have dragged a company down are mitigated before they even become a problem. Velocity is reached.