The Oceans Ethos

Our manifesto

We believe in founders who are hungry.
Who show grit and resilience and a waste-no-time mentality.
Who build from the heart, as well as from the brain.
Founders who aren’t afraid to admit what they don’t know
And ask for help when they need it,
Because we all do.
Founders who believe that a great business is built on teamwork,
And a company is only as good as its culture.

We’re investors who do so much more than invest.
We mentor,
And build.

We’re a team that builds teams
And a culture that shapes cultures.
We roll up our sleeves and do the work.

Through it all, we help founders build the foundations
That unlock the power of people
To achieve the extraordinary.

Together, we are building businesses that matter
And shaping the future of tech.

Oceans. The power of together.

How we roll

We're focused

We focus on startups in New York City, and not just because we all grew up here. We think New York is an incredible place to build a tech company, and one of the many reasons we’re headquartered here is so that we can sit face-to-face with founders. No matter where we go in the future, we’ll always bring the ethos and spirit of New York to every company we support.

We care, really

Being a founder doesn’t have to be a lonely gig. When you have people to help you navigate the challenges, people who sincerely want you to succeed, you’ll feel supported and understood even when obstacles arise. We love founders because we are founders, and people are the reason we’re in this business.

We're direct

We over-index on transparency. That means we’ll never shy away from the hard conversations and we’ll always give you honest feedback. Our goal is to teach you how to confront the important issues and make the hard choices so that you can eventually do it on your own.

We’re your team

When you get one of us, you get all of us. As individuals, we have different strengths, speeds, and skills; together, we’re a team that wants to help you achieve your goals and your vision. We do more than advise—we pitch in with the unglamorous day-to-day work of building a business, and we love every minute of it.

We're purposeful

We look for ways to be the most helpful to founders. Based on our experience, we know there are times to push and times to sit back. In general we prefer to do more teaching and less telling, so founders gain the skills and experience to solve problems themselves.

We’re unexpected

Founders are often surprised that Oceans operates as a team: a full suite of advisors you can rely on in times of need. We speak from experience, but we listen more than we talk. We get to know you personally, and you get to know us. Together, we foster an environment where people feel comfortable being themselves. It’s how we love to work.